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After studying music and training as a classical guitarist at the Nancy conservatory at the end of the 90s, I am moving towards my other passions: image, cinema, animation and architecture. I thus exercise the profession of 3D graphic designer in Paris for ten years on feature films, advertisements, animated films and architectural images. During this period, I practice the classical guitar again and take a keen interest in the great masters of guitar making through collectors, books, concerts, records. I come to take a closer look at certain guitars and the alchemy that gives these instruments such a strong sound personality. I then decide to build an instrument. This first guitar is judged quite convincing by qualified people (professional guitarists and renowned luthiers) which encourages me to persevere. From then on, guitar making became my main activity.

Inspired by the great masters of yesterday and today I work to build the best possible instruments both in terms of sound and the quality of craft and aesthetics.



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