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In the panorama of modern luthiers, I was attracted by the guitars of the brilliant Daniel Friederich, in particular his instruments in spruce from the 70s: guitars with a round sound, extraordinarily generous and of great homogeneity. Superb concert guitars, comparable to racing cars in this perfect balance between lightness and power. My "F67" guitars are greatly inspired by it.

During my studies, I had the opportunity to play and listen to the guitars of another remarkable luthier: Dominique Field. His instruments touched me deeply with their timbre so sophisticated and their dynamic response out of the ordinary. In addition to their sonic beauty, their quality and rare taste make them reference musical instruments.

And how not to cite the master influence of Robert Bouchet in the realization of the guitar as a complete artistic object: the meeting of an excellent craftmanship and a deep artistic culture. My concert guitars clearly flow from the influence of these two masters.

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